03/06/24: Powerball jackpot hits $521 million; Who would be the subsequent jackpot proprietor?

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No tickets matched the Powerball successful numbers Wednesday evening, sending the lottery’s estimated Saturday jackpot to $521 million.

Wednesday’s successful numbers had been 6, 19, 28, 44, and 60, and crimson Powerball 10, the Energy Play possibility was 2X.

Though no one gained the $486.2 million Powerball jackpot within the lottery drawing for Wednesday, March 6, 2024, there have been nonetheless loads of individuals who gained smaller prize quantities.

There are 8 third prizes of $50,000; 4 third prizes belonged to the homeowners who marked Energy Play 2X, which helped to multiply 2 instances the prize worth to $100,000; and 2 third prizes value $22,041 belonged to California gamers.

Greater than 683,800 tickets gained money prizes totalling $3.47 million in Wednesday’s drawing.

These are the prize payouts for all states that play Powerball mixed, together with the prize values for every prize tier, with and with out the “Energy Play” on Wed, Mar 6, 2024:

Match Winners Prize PowerPlay Winners PowerPlay Prize
O O O O O | O 0 485,000,000 USD X X
O O O O O 0 1,000,000 USD 0 2,000,000 USD
O O O O | O 10 50,000 USD 4 100,000 USD
O O O O 329 100 USD 106 200 USD
O O O | O 922 100 USD 302 200 USD
O O O 22,445 7 USD 7,108 14 USD
O O | O 19,672 7 USD 6,223 14 USD
O | O 143,961 4 USD 46,514 8 USD
| O 331,068 4 USD 105,143 8 USD

The Powerball prize retains getting extra huge due to the lack of anybody to beat the lengthy odds of 1 in 292.2 million and win the jackpot. To take the highest prize, gamers should match all 5 white balls and one crimson Powerball.

Powerball is obtainable in 44 States, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Gamers choose 5 white numbers from (1 to 69) and one crimson ball (1 to 26).

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Powerball Winning Numbers

The drawings of Powerball nonetheless maintain rolling, and the Powerball lottery is as much as $521 million (Saturday, March 9, 2024). Who will get the fortunate’s god favour?

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