My Historic Evaluation Does not Match That of Lotterycodex. Why is That?

Final up to date on February 20, 2024

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Hello Edvin,

I bought your 6/46 calculator.

I downloaded the "finest likelihood" mixture sample. Nonetheless, once I checked some urged patterns towards the historic knowledge for NJ Decide 6 wins, it confirmed that these patterns have by no means received, going all the best way again to 1980.

So, my query is: Ought to I evaluation each sample you recommend for historic occurrences and solely select those who have appeared previously? This strategy appears to mix combinatorics with statistics, which you talked about just isn't needed for utilizing your calculators.

I'm making an attempt to validate your level that combinatorial patterns do repeat themselves sometimes in lottery drawings. The one software at my disposal is the search software for previous successful numbers discovered right here: 

Subsequently, once I enter any urged sample out of your "dominant" group desk into the calculator (like the mix 3, 6, 9, 24, 27, 34) and it exhibits no jackpot wins in any respect going way back to 1980, does this point out that this sample has a really low likelihood and shouldn't be included in my technique? Primarily, I'm making an attempt to corroborate your combinatorial math strategy with the statistics of the precise lottery.

I hope I've made my level clear and which you could present reply relating to which particular outcomes out of your 6/46 calculator, even from the "dominant likelihood" desk, shouldn't be used as a result of they've by no means received a jackpot previously.


Hello Rony,

Thanks to your rationalization; I perceive what you’re making an attempt to attain.

Let me share my perspective on this situation.

Firstly, the New Jersey Decide-6 sport has undergone a number of adjustments over time, transitioning from a 6/36 format to six/39, then to six/42, adopted by 6/46, ultimately reaching 6/49, and at last reverting to six/46.

Subsequently, for those who’re conducting a statistical verification of the Lotterycodex evaluation utilizing knowledge from 2010, it turns into fairly difficult to make significant comparisons as a result of inconsistent dataset.

With an inconsistent dataset, you may have unstable chances and an absence of statistical significance, amongst different points.

In brief, you can’t combine datasets from 6/36, 6/39, 6/42, 6/46, and 6/49 video games.

Precisely modeling the sport’s habits turns into more difficult when the foundational guidelines constantly change.

I recognize your diligence in analysis. I consider all lottery gamers ought to undertake a mindset just like yours. I actively encourage Lotterycodex customers to confirm all calculations with historic outcomes, which I’ve repeatedly emphasised on my web site.

Nonetheless, it’s essential to strategy statistical evaluation with care.

As an illustration, when conducting a statistical evaluation of the Powerball sport, I need to begin my evaluation from October 7, 2015, when the 5/69 format was launched. The identical precept applies to Mega Tens of millions, the place historic outcomes have to be gathered from October 31, 2017, when the 5/70 format was first carried out. Each of those video games have undergone quite a few adjustments over time. Subsequently, extracting the suitable dataset for significant evaluation and comparability is crucial.

Lottery video games endure numerous transformations, so nice warning have to be taken to offer exact and well timed insights.

I hope this helps. When you want additional help, please let me know.

Keep protected,

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